FREE 200GB OneDrive for 2 years!

FREE 200GB OneDrive for 2 years!
Serial Number:

X=random letter
Y=random letter
Z=random letter

Go to this link and register the product by entering the Serial Number above with your contact information.

After you have successfully registered your product, you will see a banner called SPECIAL OFFERS. Click on the button beside the “200GB OneDrive cloud storage for two years with qualifying drives” offer.

Follow the instructions after that.

Please let me know if works for you.

Can I redeem multiple offers?
No. Limit 1 offer redemption per person, account, and device.

Does it work with both Mac and Windows?

When does the offer expire?
Offer must be redeemed by June 30, 2017

When does the 200GB expire?
The 200GB will expire 2 years from the date the offer was redeemed. Data will be read only after expiration. Upload feature will not be available after expiration.

Is there a file size limitation for uploading to OneDrive?
There is currently a 10GB file size limitation.​

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